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Giving - Parish Giving Scheme

Thinking of donating to the work of the church?

To facilitate what we do pastorally for the local community generally and to maintain the church’s property, about £100,000 is spent each year. The necessary matching income comes from a variety of sources. Financial planning is helped immensely by committed regular donations.

Regular contributions can be made by joining the Parish Giving Scheme. This is an arrangement that is sponsored by the diocese and is available to anyone with a UK bank account.

Completion of the Parish Giving Scheme ‘Gift Form’ application, available at the back of the church, is all that is needed to register. Unfortunately, the application pack is not downloadable. Please note that gifts are allocated to the parish of St Giles by use of our Parish Giving Scheme reference code 10-2010162

Once set up, donations are transferred from your bank account to the St Giles PCC bank account in accordance with your instructions and the Direct Debit Guarantee.

As well as committing to regular contributions, the application form can optionally be used to:

  • Make a Gift aid declaration. (Gift aided donations are increased in value by 25% from government funds.)
  • Authorise donations to be increased each year by the rate of inflation. In accordance with the Direct Debit guarantee you will receive notification well in advance of each increase.
  • Opt to give to St Giles anonymously so that only the Parish Giving Scheme office knows your details. In any case, every donation to St Giles is administered confidentially unless the donor agrees otherwise.

As a Parish Giving Scheme account holder it is easy for you to amend your commitment by directly contacting the scheme office. Most issues can be dealt with by telephone. Further details are included with the application form and are on the website

Completed forms may be passed to the PCC’s treasurer, or sent directly to the Parish Giving Scheme office in Gloucester.

If the above scheme does not suit your needs, please feel free to contact the treasurer or submit donations in the specially labelled white envelopes available in church.

Thank you for considering making a contribution.

Martin Govas
Treasurer to the PCC
Tel: 01444 454821

2 The Droveway
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 1LL


If you would like to contribute solely to the upkeep of the church and the churchyard, rather than to the work of the church, the Friends of Horsted Keynes Church is the solution. There is a brief description of what they do on the Friends of Horsted Keynes Church page on this site, or you can go to their own website for further information.

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